Missha Eye-Shadows

December festivities are near, the month when girls enhance their charm. Korean girls love to glamorize their make up by adding some touch of sparkling glitter, which turns them to be queens of… Continue reading


A PIEU MAGIC PORE COVER BALM Why do Korean celebrities have such porcelain skin, but we never get the same results even spending so much time in the mirror? Well you will get… Continue reading

Avocado Rich Toner from Skinfood

The Korean brand “SKINFOOD” became a big success thanks to their products based on fruits and vegetables. As the name indicates, they are basically food for your skin giving them the finest vitamins… Continue reading

Homemade Mask-Scrub

Everyday your skin goes through a lot, e.g. dust, stress, sun. These irritate your skin by having larger pores, dry skin and blackheads. None of them are welcome to our skin, it’s calling… Continue reading

Daily Korean Make Up

The latest make-up trend in korea are classified in three terms which are: 쌩얼 (Sseng Ol) 쌩(Sseng)=Natural, 얼(Ol)=face Natural face 물광 (Moul Kouang) 물(Moul)=water, 광 (Kouang)=gloss,shiny Mineral glossy shine 꿀광 (Kool Kouang) 꿀(Kool)=honey,… Continue reading

Nymph Aura from Etude House

What catchy trick did Korean celebrities do to their skins, to obtain so much fame in such a short period of time? Well we will tell you the secret, it’s all about the… Continue reading